Well, a weekend has come and is on the way to gone. As I sit here and experience the aroma of dogfarts (and am chagrined to find there is no antonym for ‘savor’), I recall the events of the week. I registered two new blog names, just because I like ’em. I have no idea what to do with them. One suggestion was to put up really offensive & raunchy stuff. I’m just not very offensive (on purpose), so what would I do? Put a pass-through link to meatspin dot com? I think not.

I was working with my friend Patrick this week, and a couple things came up. One day, we were mixing concrete in a large pan. I invited him to step into the pan for a while, and I’d toss him into a river. He laughed at me and said there were no rivers around deep enough.

This is what it made me think of.

Also, he told me about a couple he knew, the guy is from West Virginia and the girl from Ohio. She played women’s basketball, and also cheered for the men’s basketball. Their cheer?

“Strawberry Shortcake,

Raspberry Jam,

Who’s gonna win?

We am! We am!”


If you see a sign like this, pay attention. They mean it. I got a nice set of full color pictures of myself (well, myself driving my truck) in the mail last week, from 3 different angles. I wondered where the lightning was coming from as I was cruising through the yellow-turning-red light. At $50, it’s not a mistake I’ll make again.

Although, I’m a little chuffed at the idea of the program. It’s about revenue, and no human decisions were involved in my ticketing. Of course, would I rather be pulled over by a cop, sit there for 20-30 minutes, and get a ticket that may involve points on my license? No.

That doesn’t mean I have to like it.


Blogging the Square happened today, and Tiff already has a great account of it. She and Mojo and I were the only non-lurking bloggers in the joint, along with a cuppa other friends and thousands of fellow Raleighans. Oh the humanity! I waited for a very long time in a meat onnabun line behind a girl with a heavy silver chain connecting her ear and lower lip. Mojo wanted to know if she was afraid her ear was going to fall off, or the lip. There were several other interesting (read: freakish) people there, as well as reasonably normal folks. The guy in drag with the tall boots, mini-skirt, and stuffed top sure made an impression.

Regular humanity is pretty cool, up until they get drunk and obnoxious, litter all over the place, and poop on the porta-john seats. I stood in line for what seemed like 7 minutes, waiting for one of 20 outhouses to become vacant. I finally made it into 4th place in my line, and a stall opened up. I mentioned it to the folks in front of me, but they weren’t using that one. We had all heard some poor girl make a difficult transaction, and the next customer went in but came right back out. Fast. Well, I didn’t stand in line for nuttin’, so I went in with the encouragement of my linemates. I took a deep breath of outside air, tucked my nose into my shirt, tried not to look at the mess on the seat (think peanut butter and tuna fish), and piddled as fast as I could.

It wasn’t fast enough.

I crashed out of the stall like it was on fire (which is what would happen if I happened to own that unit) to fresh air, and the cheers and thumbs-ups of a dozen waiters-in-line. It was the 2nd best cheer I got all day.

We left too early, but at just the right time too. Traffic out sucked, but not as bad as it would after the headline band played and 5000 possibly-drunk citizens tried to leave at once. I’m glad I went, but I’m finding my speed is more along the lines of non-shouted conversations and people who bring you food and drinks, rather than trekking across a crowded park to wait in a crowded line to pay lots of money for food on a stick.


Partially painted the house this week. Here’s a sneak-peek of the before & after color (siding only).


Finally, I have a business that has a really simple website. I’d like it to be better. Anyone know a good and reasonably-priced web designer?