Today was a beautiful day in the ONS. I visited an Indian (Slurpee, not casino) for a fruitless estimate, then went to my next appointment, which turned into work. I got a new power washer that does things like this to driveways. Tis a good way to spend a day in the sun. Up until I powerwashed my eyeglasses right into the weeds, and didn’t find ’em until 2 hours later when they were covered with muck. No new scratches, so I got that goin’ for me. Which is nice.

Tomorrow I get up at the crack of darkness, travel to my local airport, and wing my way back to Meechigan for a visit with family. My aging Gramma from California has announced that this may be her last time flying cross-country (she normally makes 2 circuits a year to visit family in NY and MI). So, I’ll definitely be there to get hugs and mushy smootches and hang out with her and other relatively types. I have a brother in law who’s turning 40 this weekend too, so there will be partying to do. Lately I’ve not been looking forward to trips back ‘home’ but this one promises to be enjoyable.

Got any weekend plans? Do share, and feel free to share more than once.