The first rule of Pipe Club, is nobody talks about Pipe Club. Well, that’s not true at all, I just made that up because it sounded catchy. Plus which, by titling my post thusly, I’m already talking about it; therefore it’s either not a rule or I’m a total scofflaw. You decide. Pipe Club is a monthly meeting of a group of pipe enthusiasts, and it’s great fun. Plus which, the famous Mr. Kenju is one of the founding members, which is worth the price of rice these days.

There’s a meetin’ tonight, and unfortunately I’m missing it. I got home from work soaking wet (quite literally – my truck seat makes the squishy-squishy noises I used to make as a teenager) from the day’s toil in the heat. I have a big-ass fan (not the brand name, but you get the drift) on the job, but it only moves the humidity from one area to the other. I got home, took a shower, put on the Togs of Relaxation, and decided to camp out at Home Sweet Home – where there is admittedly less pipe smoke and male bonding, but quite heavenly nonetheless.

On the menu: Beer brats (4 ingredients – beer, brats, onions, and butter) with mashataetas and baked beans. I’m looking forward to a gas-powered evening of AC and TV.

I cultivated my 2 tomato bushes for a couple minutes this evening. There was a rose bush adjacent that would always grab onto my clothes (usually around the love-handle region) and not let go; it’s now in the fire pit. I hacked at the fast-growing weeds until I could see some glorious flashes of red among the dense greenery. Licking my lips, I plucked a juicy fat tomato from the vine, and turned it over. The other side collapsed with an audible ‘gish’, and a bug crawled out and smiled at me.

I chucked 11 tomatoes over the fence (most exploding upon launch, which justified my wearing rubber gloves like a big bug-scared sissy), and harvested 5 little edible ones. At that point, I said screwwit and went back into my air-conditioned cave.

I got all worked up about something the other day, and I have a long-ass serious post brewing in me. But with the very sedate life I’m enjoying at this moment – not to mention supper’s ready – I’mma save it for later. Peace out, yo!