I’ve come up with a new restaurant name, and I don’t think it’s taken. Feasties. It’ll be a buffet, where the feature dish is the Steamin’ Feasties, and we also specialize in pudding. And corn.

Years ago I thought I would be atop an empire of successful franchises by now. Beaks ‘N Feet was going to be my meal ticket. Alas, it hasn’t developed into much of anything but a wistful dream.


Key Lime Pie is the best ever dessert (the frozen kind) after Steak & Tomato Stir Fry.

I’ve never seen the STSF on anyone’s menu or recipe cards, I invented it one day last year and have tried it bunchesa times. Simple, really:
Sautee an onion, some green peppers in oil
Toss in steak, bite size pieces, stir fry ’till almost done
Add spices – salt, pepper, red pepper, montreal steak seasoning, oregano – whatever you want
Dump in 1 large can of tomato – simmer until it’s stew, about 25 minutes
Add 1 cup sour cream, simmer and stir until hot and well mixed
Serve over rice – easy peasy and pretty dang good.


Thanks for the feedback on my last post – I like being able to go from silly to serious, meaningful to weightless and still be friends. My responses to your responses (and my further thoughts) can be summed up thusly:

1. The only thing that makes a true difference is how one person treats another. Doesn’t matter if you’re ‘in the government’ or not, people from every level of existence have impacted me. You can make that difference, so go do it on purpose.

2. It’s totally unrealistic, but the only real governmental solution is to start over. Mojo had it right, IMHO – give us back our money and let us do it ourselves. Everything is stupid expensive because of government meddling, and a huge chunk of the population is utterly dependent upon it, so a true revolution is as unlikely as another term for Abraham Lincoln. But if I had a magic wand, I’d reset government to pixie size, taxes to a flat rate for everyone, and have us be the wise old grandfather in the world that doesn’t speak much – but when he does, it’s worth hearing.

3. Realistically – this is the shape of our house, and the neighborhood: We’re a superpower, a big economy, and much of our economy depends on what the government does. The system we have is not something I would fight to retain because it’s full of gamesmanship and cumbersome precedents. Maybe we could eliminate lawyers?

Anyway, I’m for lower taxes, cut programs, strong military, balanced budgets, and the government staying out of its peoples’ way. That’s about all I’ll say about it, until and unless inspired otherwise.


Today another cat became homeless. It was a member of the family until it picked up a habit of pooping ON THIS COMPUTER, spraying the living room furniture, and widdling all over the kitchen table – in full view of the 2-legged members of this household. He is now an outdoor cat. Food and water and shade are all his, but the run of the house is not. He’s fixed, has his claws, and is in good shape – so I have no doubts about his survival. But hell if I’m gonna open the door for that little @#&%tard.


Boston was awesome. Exotic and homey, accessible and big, historic and modern – it’d be nice to have a week of pure vacation, instead of work + vacation there. More was left undone than done – but there was still much taken in. The Samuel Adams tour was one of my favorite bits – some merchandise was bought, some fresh cold (free) beer was tasted, and I got to meet Bob the Brewer. Pretty sweet. Other’n that, we did walk part of the Freedom Trail, had 12 kinds of great local food, visited Faneuil Hall, and rode the T around town. Maybe could go back in the fall…


I got a new CD from Fool’s Garden today! Whee! It’s an import, not available on iTunes or in local stores. I’ve listened from end to end twice, and they’re already in the solid greatness category. They have a bunch of records available here, but the earlier stuff – which had the one song I required – is from Germany. Yay Amazon, they hooked me up for about $7. This video was the inspiration – go watch, if it doesn’t make you laugh out loud, you’ll at least go WTF a few times. If you’re familiar with Fark photoshop contests, much of it will look familiar (and funnier) – but I guarantee the song will stick with you.