This post is in response to dear friend JC, and I’m nothing if not responsive. I’m going all postal now with my post posties.

I’ve tagged along to the bustling metropolis of Boston, where there is a mega conference going on. I’m hanging around a nice hotel, ostensibly to catch up on office work and find things to do at night after the conference is done. We’re here for a week, and have been gathering suggestions from locals. Tracy Lynn says we have to get lobster rolls, see the Red Sox, and visit some places. The Sox are in town the whole week we’re here – but it’s supposed to rain at game time each night. Prolly hit a museum and a food place tonight.

My impression of the city so far: It’s big, interesting, historic, beautiful, and people don’t smile much on the street. We drew the surliest cab driver evar for the labyrinthian ride from airport to hotel. Said not one word, except to announce the fare and say ‘No credit cards’ in some accented version of English. He spent the whole ride looking mad at the world and talking on his cell phone in Outer Slobbovian or Jambalayan.

The Dunkin Donuts across the street was a madhouse for breakfast this morning, and organization was not the crew’s strong suit. Three ESL workers were sweating away, while a line thrice as long as the store waited. The cashier was OK when you could understand him, the mute coffee guy was fine, but the poor shlep who was preparing sammiches and hash burns could not get anything right. As the line shifted from Order Here to Pick Up Order, bags of unclaimed food and unsatisfied customers accumulated (that’s right, BAGS of us). He’d call out ‘Am chiz bagl!’ and hold up a sack. We’d all look at each other and shrug. He set it aside, and tried ‘Baco’Sant!’ After a few tries he gave up and turned his attention to the oven, churning out more mismatched and untranslated food.

Eventually we got almost what we ordered, and it was pretty good. But next time I’ll stick with coffee and a donut. Although, while sitting on the patio and sharing bagel bits with local birds, we discovered there’s nothing quite as funny as a bird with cream cheese on its beak. Looked like it was in clown school.

Before embarking on this trip, a whirlwind of activity was had. A final coat of polyurethane on the living room floor (that’s a story of frustration all its own), the execution of a new contract, and refinishing a fiberglass tub/shower. Not to mention the burial of a fish and the unadoption of an anti-social dog. Oh, and flea baths for all (including the cats – they are NOT fans). And seeding the front yard, and fixing & riding a motorcycle. And packing. It was relaxing to finally leave.

I leave you with this video, it made me chortle (and cringe) more than once. 4 minutes, and it has a soundtrack but you don’t need the volume up to enjoy.