I’d hamster in the morning.

Yah, well, that’s a song I sing to myself and those around me frequently. Are there any songs with which you regularly earitate your friends? It seems I have a vast library of irritating songs, such as Bananaphone, The Song That Never Ends, and It’s A Small World. That and the Grunka-Lunka song.

I had a great idea for a post yesterday, but today it escapes me like a puppy bent on rolling in other animals’ excrement. It comes back wagging its tail, but it’s just not the same.

Today I painted a wall, built a custom shelf, and painted another few little walls. I hate painting, but it’s a livin’. And. it feels pretty good to make the same money I did in the corporate world (even after taxes) AND I get to do something different every day. I love that. Although I don’t have health insurance, which so far doesn’t suck. I’m not going to vote for the next president based on the free-waits-in-the-emergency-room that he promises me. Knocking on this fancy wood desk, so far so healthy.


On to some randomness, since the initial inspiration that started me writing has gone away, much like last Thursday’s meal.

We have a forest fire still raging in these parts. OK, not at all these parts – more like a 2-4 hour drive away from these parts – but the smoke and ‘aroma’ from yonder fire was so thick the other morning, I stumbled outside and wandered the neighborhood looking for which neighbor was on fire (after determining that my own dwelling was not, in fact, ablaze). I called 911 (after much searching for the eleven button on my cell phone) and told the operator about the smoke. She got very snippy with me: “There’s a forest fire. The weeyind shifted. It’s all over the news, sir.” It was the way she hissed ‘sir’ that got me. I’m not much of a ‘sir’ to anyone, and she was extra-sirring me. I didn’t care for it, not one bit.

The smoke was heavy and oppressive and smelled like burning metal mixed with wood and evil. It lingered for 2 days, and then went back home – it gave me a somber appreciation for what the residents of that area are going through, and it’s been burning for a cuppa weeks now. Scary.


It was time to bale the lawn this weekend. I was alone in the homestead, and finished a project Saturday afternoon. It was hot out, but not as oppressive as the previous week, so I still had a scoche (scoash? skoshe? help me here folks) of energy left. I went to the Lowe’s up de road and got me a new cordless lawn mower. You see, we had this little toy mower that plugs into the wall. The new one is neat, because you put some fluids in it, pull a little cord, and you can go anywhere with it. You don’t have to plan your every pass to avoid running over the extension cord, or getting it wrapped around the dozen trees in the tiny yard, or tripping over it, or running to the end of the wire and caroming over the handle like a retard in a hurdle race. Yessir, I like the new technology.


Last weekend there was dinner at the Kenjus, and it was both delicious and delightful. If ever you get the chance, you should feed with these folks.


There used to be a thing in blogs, maybe it was a meme or something, where people would write a list of 100 things about themselves. Doesn’t seem to be so ‘in’ currently, but then again, maybe it’s because the crowd I run with doesn’t have those lists. Or I’m not paying attention. Any of my 4 readers done that? Most of them are fun to read, or at least interesting. What questions would you want answered if I were to do one?


‘S all I’m writing for tonight. Have a wunnerful day. I leave you with Cinders the Pig, a british critter what refuses to walk in the mud without its little wellington boots. True story.