The big soaking sweat from yesterday, it’s back. I ran outta gas around 3:30 PM today, having spent nearly an hour since 11AM sitting, resting, drinking water. Oh, and being wet.

It was bad enough that I decided today’s the day I don’t need hair. Got it all shorn off at the local Clipper Wench (if you don’t have one in your area, you should get one. They’re amazing). Of course, it reveals that unsightly scar on the back of my head from when a flaming marshmallow landed on me in summer camp, but my hair is for me. Not passers-by. So if they ask what happened to make me so dreadfully disfigured, I’ll tell ’em it’s none of their damn business (then buy ’em an iced coffee because I feel bad telling people off).

All the other things I was going to write about have suddenly escaped me (by the way, watch ‘Most Shocking’ or some other cop-chasing-bad-guys show, and see how many times they say ‘suddenly’) since there’s the aroma of pizza and fresh veggies in the Tiny House and also a really good bourbon-induced haze going on right now. So I’ll leave you with a picture that makes me smile. Have a nice day.