Ever see a flying penis?

It looks like this:


Apparently Russian government-backed youth groups were all over the place disrupting opposition candidate meetings (this one was Gary Kasparov). There’s video of it, but for the love of all that is holy, I’m not linking it. You can find it easily enough, if you really want to see a flying penis swatted from the air by a secret service agent.

One of the guys in the picture looks inexplicably hungry.

And now for something completely different, because there’s no way you can have 2 stories like that, is there?

Seems I’ve passed my little intestinal friend along, and it’s a dreadful thing. As far as I know, that’s where it stopped, unless some unknown cube farmer cultivated it and brought it home for personal use. Health is a wonderful thing – if your body functioned per design today, express your gratitude. I did.

Memorial Day came and went, and mine was spent splendidly. Sun and water, dear people and fun. No work was done, for that’s what the veterans would have wanted… right?

Well, you let a day go by and suddenly it’s six, and all the news that was generated and would have made great blogworthy topics is in the mysterious ether of possibly reliable synapses and memory banks. Since it’s an early morning in Michigan and I have some cultural sightseeing to do, I’ll hit the pyooblish button and get back to the other topics as I can. Off to visit Mom, drive cross-state and hang out at the Henry Ford Museum where they have all kinds of cool stuff. It’s one of only 5 reasons I can name to be in Detroit.
Photos will be posted, oh yes.

Oh and remind me to tell you about the amateur bartending that was done last night. Who knew 8 flavors and a martini shaker could be so much fun??