This has been a busy week. I just completed an extensive bathroom remodel (before & after pics here), and my poor dear customers each took a turn being sick. The man o’ the house got it first, and even visited the hospital with horrible stomach pains. Then his wife fell ill the next day, and said she almost had me take her to the ER.

Last night it was my turn. I awoke at something like 2:43 AM, suddenly aware that I’d better make haste to the only bathroom. It was only 20 steps away from my corner of the dormancy platform (as Jeff Kay calls it), but with a pause to twist the doorknob it turned out to be 3 steps too many.

I did make it to the toilet, but not to the lifting of the waterproof lid. My next hour was mapped out for me, even before the first wave was over. It was like a barf trampoline. I discovered that my stomach has very good squeezing strength, and that I don’t chew nearly enough. Let’s just say I’ll be laying off the multi-colored rotini for a long time. One roll of Bounty Paper Towels, half a bottle of Formula 409, and a liberal coating of Lysol and things were back to normal.


On a lighter note, all 3 of my blogs were commented upon by a computer-wielding wacko. I think I’ve seen this long-ass manifesto before (10,420 words, to be precise) and it’s rife with xenophobic predictions about race, gender, and why the gods favor females. It’s fascinating that someone would hunch over a computer for that many words and launch them at so many random blogs. Anybody know the story behind this?


Speaking of comments, Kenju wanted to know why she got a quilt by her name but Tiff got her blonde-goddess avatar. I experimented, and found out that if I sign in to WordPress my avatar shows up – I get a quilt otherwise. Not sure what the deal is with Blogger users. Sorry I’m not much help!

Updateliness – I just checked to make sure Kenju’s link worked, and it seems she’s gotten the manifesto too… weird.


Today I’ve been behaving much like a normal cat, or Dark Lord Schmumpins, the sloth-puppy. Lots of naps and slow-moving. Wonderful thing to do when you’re sick on a gloomy day. Pass the green tea.