Whoa, that’s a disturbing picture on that last post. I let out an audible ‘GAH!’ when I opened up my own blog. So, in the interest of moving it off the top of the page, here is a Brand Spankin’ New Post. It’s chock full of nothing much yet, but you just wait. It’ll have lots of nothing soon enough.

Questions are fun, because they give my creatively-challenged (of late) self something to work with (something with which to work, for those who don’t like their participles dangling). Without further words, here be the answers:

Tiff was first in the door with a cuppa good ones:

I have a question for ya = is that a maxipad I see in that picture? I don’t know, and ‘ell if I’mma root around in there to find out. And if so, WHY God, WHY? I can only offer a hearty shrug.

One more: You can switch places with one historical figure, alive or had-been alive. Who is it, and why? Lincoln? Nah, he got shot. And before that he had an awful situation to deal with, and before that he lost several elections, and before that he had neither electric lights nor indoor plumbing. So not Lincoln. Moses? He had far too much whining and wandering in the desert for my liking. I’d have to go with Ben Franklin. World traveler, inventor, ladies’ man with a rockin’ hairstyle, and wicked smart. Besides, he seems like a genuinely happy fellow.

Oh, and another one: If you were asked to pull the switch at the execution of a condemned criminal, would you? There would be no legal retribution. How would you fell if the person were later declared to be innocent of the crime for which they were executed? Yes. If the person were declared innocent after the fact, the responsibility would lie with the judge, jury, and lawyers and I don’t think it would affect me beyond the sadness that goes with those stories every day. Of course, there are hundreds of right bastards that haven’t got just punishment because of the same imperfect system.

Kenju’s up next:

Is it a maxipad? It’s a beaver. At least, it looks as though she’s got a rodentine animal stuffed in there.

My [real] question: Where is the one place in the world that you are hoping to see before you die? All of them. OK, there are several places I can do without – the peak of Everest, either pole, vast quantities of the Middle East… But I really would like to get to Europe and ride the trains, ski in the Alps, visit the ancient tourist traps. That and the Grand Canyon, which I hear is nice.

ETW asks: What do you most like to do in your free time? Gosh, if I look at ‘real life’ I like to lookit teevee and the interwebs. My free time, as a rule, lives between 7PM and 11PM so the routine leaves little besides making dinner and loafing. I like to git out and play tennis, ride the donorcycle, drink beer with friends, cook, grill on the new Weber. I’m basically a homebody with some outdoorsy tendencies.

JC had Questions? Hmm…

Do you believe in Global Warming? Nope, not as Science wittha Capital Ess. I do believe in ecologically friendly practices, but I haven’t bought into the handwringing and We Must Make Someone Pay For This Crisis mentality. I’m told (I wasn’t there) that the planet goes through 100, 300, and 500 year climate cycles. Change happens, and we either adapt or die. Bottom line: Give a hoot and don’t pollute is my motto.

Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? No idea or inkling of whether I have an opinion. Probably not, as the voices in his head were undoubtedly many.

Will Britney self destruct? Hasn’t she already? I hope she settles into some sort of normal life, since her career is pretty much dunfer.

Thanks for playing along, and if more questions pop up (AC, I’m lookin at ye!) I’ll answer im-frickin-ediately.

I leave you with this, which must be watched all the way through. It cracked my shizz right up.