The things that fill my days could fill a post. So I will.

I’m in a listly mood at the moment, as I haven’t been making many lists lately and it seems there is much to do. Starting with the recent past:

  • Had Kenju and Mr. Kenju over for lunch. It was delightful, and they graciously ate the hockey-puck pork chops I overgrilled. These are folks who make everyone feel tall and smart, and I’m very glad to know them.
  • Cleaned furiously for 2 days in advance of having company over. Company is a great way to get the house clean.
  • Finished a very ambitious project, done and installed and paid for. The customer is very happy, and so am I.
  • Utilized the fire pit heavily this weekend, getting rid of old doors, scrap wood, and cardboard boxes
  • Had grilled french-toast-with-jelly hobo pies for breakfast (and crispy sausage patties – yum!)
  • Visited a bookstore for new books
  • Visited an exclusive members-only club which caters to those with large trunks (I qualify)
  • Visited a craft store to get artsy-craftsy items with which to decorate the house
  • Visited Home Depot for $8 worth of paint. Left with $96 worth of paint (there is a tub refinishing in my future, I just know it)
  • Visited Discount Tire for two new tires which would have lasted another year if it weren’t for embedded nails
  • Decided to do my own taxes this year, which will be enormously different from the previous 17 years.

And, a list of things coming up:

  • Write a Wordsmiths story
  • Work on 2 art projects
  • Do my taxes
  • Balance checkbooks, pay bills, and earn a living
  • Meet a gaggle of bloggers in the area for dinner tonight (I’m looking forward to that one!)

Interspersed with all these activities is the constant undertone of ‘we should get a dog!’ or some other creature. I think ferrets are off the menu for the moment, but one never knows. I’m looking forward to naming whatever critter shows up, but not the housebreaking. Bleah.

Got any lists you’d care to share?