Well, now what to write? I just heard another story on NPR about bloggers and their self-important compulsion to post all their daily minutiae. Well I’m not one of them types, nosiree Robert. I’m one who only types what types of things need typing.

Er, yeah.

Here’s a pastry blender for those who lack in Baking Ambition (like burning ambition, only more snooty, if you can believe that).


This weekend’s activities have been highly normal, and even a bit boring – got some office work done, paid a bill or two, maintained a 97% win rate at FreeCell (out of 239 games played since the last reset. Yes, I’m an addict), visited cherch, and hung out at Adventure Land where they have overpriced chicken strips and 3 mini golf courses and hundreds of people, thousands of smells, and a bajoran noises. Holy carp, how does one work at a place like that and keep their sanity or sense of hearing intact?

So, I’ve not generated much news these days. Here’s some scary news though: a German travel agency is offering nude flights. It’s bad enough to be stuck between two sweaty fat guys on a flight, let alone sweaty fat naked guys. Ew.

No matter how cramped it is on my next flight (should be the next week or so) I’ll think of that story and count my friggin’ blessings.

Have a great day, seeya nextime.