Writing used to be a habit. I’d wake up, shower, drive to work, fire up the computer, and write something before I got to working (generally speaking. Sometimes it was comingled with the working, and sometimes there was not so much working). Anyway, since arriving in my new life, I have had very little in the way of structured schedule. My work now takes me to homes all across town at different times and different days. So there isn’t the artificial structure of having to be in my seat by a certain time.

I like it.

But, this has led to atrophy of my writing muscles. Here I go a-posting, and I’d like to see if I can put up a post-a-day. And read more (at least, more than just cheezburger cats and fark). Thanks to Kenju and Tiff for the gentle encouragement to write.

I had the weirdest dream last night. It’s kinda gross, so you may want to skip this paragraph if you have a weak constitution, a belly full of breakfast, and equipment you don’t want to barf upon. Okay, maybe it’s not THAT gross, but it squicked me out bigtime. It was one of those vivid action dreams, with lots of people and urgent things to do, perhaps bad guys to get away from or a kitten to rescue. I don’t know, the deets are fuzzy now. At one point, I noticed my left arm felt funny – cold and a little sore. I looked down to find my flesh hanging in loops from my arm bones, still attached but loose and floppy. I tried to press it back into place, but it kept coming loose. I told my companions I should probably get to a doctor, and showed them the problem. It wasn’t bleeding, but I could squeeze my detached bits and see tendons, muscles, and fat moving around. They sagely agreed, and we got to the emergency room forthwith (read: magically appeared there. I got no time for transportation). The doctor immediately shot me with lidocaine and sewed me up. That’s when I awoke. My arm was intact, thanks to the doctor’s quick work, and the stitches are very neat and small.

That’s what I get for leaving body parts out from under the blanket in the cold cold night.

I was going to post some recipes that have been talked about, but not so sure after that little Outer Limits episode.

Let me just say that devil’s balls are horribly good, and even though you know they will kill you, you will eat them. Thanks to Renn for the goodie recipe! Still have a plate full in the fridge, enticing me to eat ’em up, calling to me, whispering my name. Hmm, I bet they go with coffee…