It’s been months in the making. Over 860 miles, driven in one day (sorta). All my remaining earthly belongings, a cat, and a “new” car all traveled cross country on Monday. Here are the details, the actual life changes are much vaster in depth and importance, I’m sure they won’t all be felt for many weeks or months.

I spent last week packing. Freshly unemployed, and without the easy distractions of teevee or internet, I put seldom-used dishes and whatnots in boxes. I went to the garage frequently to putter and sort, throwing out that which would not have practical use and boxing the things that might. By this time, 2 moves later in 3 years without significant remodeling work inbetwixt, my leftovers had been significantly pared down. But even so about (6) 5-gallon buckets of stuff went in the dumpster.

Thanksgiving weekend and the week after were long. Long like a boat trip across the Atlantic. Long like a wait in the hospital. Long like a commercial break during Mythbusters. Long like a wait at the DMV. Long like learning to play the holophonor. Long like the time between lunch and quitting time, only stretched out for 12 days. There’s only so much packing one can do in a day, before one runs out of stuff that one needs every day (spoons and food, shampoo and deodorant, maybe toilet paper too). Finally moving day arrived. I had the help of one close friend (but only until noon) and a truck (by the way, Penske has again earned my business for life. They were awesome at every turn, and far far cheaper than U-Haul could ever hope to be). I discovered that moving FROM my destination city TO my home city would cost only 10% of the fee charged, since everyone is leaving (home state features one of the worst economies in the nation) and they have to pay to keep trucks in the area.

My friend and I loaded the motorcycle first. It was difficult since there was 2″ of snow on the ground. Then we emptied the garage, and loaded up the apartment’s big stuff. We had time for a leisurely lunch at Panera, then I grabbed the fridge food, a few stray boxes, and the cat. I was on the road by 12:30.

Since this bit has been sitting in draft for about 3 weeks now, I figure it’s time to move on. New post forthcoming, for as I’ve discovered in previous blogly pursuits, finishing old stories just doesn’t tend to turn my crank so much.

Now, for attempt #16 at getting a photo to stick herein: