Middles usually suck. Lord of the Rings 2, Empire Strikes Back, Matrix Reloaded, and countless other stories use the 2nd part of a trilogy to go all dark and bleak, and make it seem as though the bad guys are really going to win the girl and make off with the booty.

 Well, I’m in a middle. My job has ended, and I am discovering that being online in a library is much less fun than being online in a cafe or home or my familiar deskly surroundings (even though I brought a thermos of Panera coffee with me). Libraries are much, much noisier and busier than I remember them. And the pesky 1-hour time limit has me rushing through this, since I already spent 52 minutes culling dozens of mostly junk emails and catching up with my bank statement. Hardly any time for blogly fun.

I’ll be moving soon. That’ll be part 3 of this story, in which the dragon is slain, the girl is won, and the castle decorated with bright colors. Stay tuned.