Ok, my old blog is swinging on a hanger in the closet of blogland. Every once in a while I’ll open it up and look at it, like my old varsity jacket. I never was enough of a jock to wear it out in public, but was enough of one to get the jacket and sew on my letters. Kinda like I’m doing here.

 Here’s a new place to opine, muse, post pictures that make me grin, and continue friendships. I don’t have my own computer, which may make blogging a difficult pastime to maintain. But that, like all things, is not a permanent condition.

I got a new place because my old one was causing me trouble. First off, whenever I would upload a picture it would reformat my text, removing spaces, paragraph breaks, and justification all willy-nilly. And I can’t have that. But more importantly, when it was new and fresh and innocent, I naively shared the address with family, friends, and coworkers. I became cautious with my content, created upheaval for my family, and nearly got fired when my boss became a reader.

So, I’m going the way of some successful recreated blogger friends of mine and starting afresh.

Today I’m gathering quotes on moving my belongings and self to another state far from here. Home is wonderful in the fall, but soon after comes winter. This morning I was reminded just how cold it can get, when temperatures neared the BFP (booger freezing point). I think I’ll enjoy residing in a state with palm trees, an ocean coast, and mountains. Oh, and people I love who love me. That right there clinched the deal. There’s nothing for me here but a good job, a good apartment, and a loose association with family I rarely see.

Divorce sucks. I’ve known that all my life, even though this is the first I’ve ever witnessed up close. Got my first lawyer bill yesterday. That guy makes more in half a day than I do in a week. Holy carp. But the disturbing part is how my STBXSU (soon-to-be-ex spousal unit) has demonstrated radical behavior swings, even more than in our nearly two decades together. Sweetness and apology following wild craziness, pounding on the doors of my apartment at all hours, hurting herself, spying into my windows and bank account, and running up enormous bills in my name. Then asking repeatedly for an explanation of why I’m leaving.

I already told her, explained it, put it in writing, laid it out in front of counselors, and filed a response to her petition for divorce. What’s not clear?

My goal is to get out thoroughly, without doing more damage.

Will keep ya posted.

By the way, could someone teach me how to insert a picture within the post of this damn thing?